PASTORELLI SHADED ribbon 6,40 m Blue-Orange-Yellow


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6.40 m, 37 gr, F.I.G. Approved for individualists and senior teams

The combination of overall lightness (37 grams overall, against 35 gr of the regulatory minimum), and the texture-warp tightness of the threads, combined with an aesthetic created by the blending of shaded colors, which best suit your needs, make this ribbon perfect.

Being a handmade product the Pastorelli company does not guarantee the correspondence between the real color of the item and the color displayed, it may happen that by taking more pieces of the same lot the shades are slightly different from each other, small spots of color they do not represent commercial defects.

. Soft
. Dynamic waves
. Not electrostatic

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 16 cm